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Earthquake Update

CPPA remains concerned as  we continue to face ongoing aftermath of aftershakes.  Since February 2011 we have been working with the local Ministry of Education in a partnership for the on-going support of our members' schools.  Four Exexutive members meet regularly with the Ministry to discuss the on-going concerns about zoning, roll changes, property,  pupil and staff wellbeing. 


This year Denise Torrey and John Bangma have been supporting schools in Canterbury.  Any Principal that wishes to contact them to arrange a visit, please email on d.torrey@somefield.school.nz or john@mps.school.nz 


We have been humbled by the numerous offers of support from around the country and overseas, and greatly appreciate the financial and physical support received. Thank you for your concern.


Membership Communication via CPPA Email Tree

If you need to send out information on the CPPA Members email tree, please contact Michele Stephens, CPPA Exec Secretary on email: micheles@stmartins.school.nz


If you have an urgent message to be sent out out of normal school hours (long weekends, school holidays etc) please contact Sandy Hastings (Communications) principal@beckenham.school.nz 


Advertising Vacancies in your school via the CPPA Email Tree:

If you have an urgent, fixed-term vacancy that you need to fill you are welcome to send a message through to be circulated via the email tree. However, if you have sufficient time to go through a normal advertising process, or if the position requires advertising, then please follow that process.