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Hanmer Conference - ERO Presentation by Chris RoweActing Deputy Chief Review Officer, Southern Region 


Christine Harris - Beyond the Rhetoric: What motivates parents to engage in their child's education


Cheryl Doig - Engaging parents 





Jill Bond: H&S Presentation to CPPA, June 2015


Enrolment Scheme information for schools who advertise collectively - contact Charles Levings at Avonhead School if you would like to participate in this collective advertising scheme.


Model 1: This scheme enables schools to accept children every term for any time over the year


Model 2: This scheme enbles schools to accept children only term by term over the year.





CPPA Addington Conference, June 2014: Presenters' slides and links


Please note that these have been shared in good faith that they will ONLY be used by conference attendees to take back and share with staff in their own schools. 


Richard Newton, St Clair School: The teacher as the New Romantic


Daniel Birch, Hobsonville Point School: Pedagogy in Modern Learning Environments


Cheryl Doig, Think Beyond: Future Spaces: Mindsets and Change Strategies and follow up material


Mary Chamberlain, Evaluation Associates: Changing teachers from 'boxes' to MLEs


Clarkeville School: Collaborative Teaching Practice in Action


Margot McKeegan, CORE Education: E-Safety in an MLE


Vicki Templeton & Tracy Campbell, Waimairi School: Waimairi School


Mary Chamberlain, Evaluation Associates: Moving Forward




Middle Leaders Survey 2014


LCC Survey - June 2013 - Summary Results


Behaviour and Wellbeing Survey (May 2013) - Summary results


Greater Chch Renewal Advisory Board notes


NZ Red Cross Christchurch School Childrens grant application form


NZ Red Cross Christchurch School Childrens grant additional information


2013 - John Leonard Fellowship Report


Transitions Resources


The 2 appendices go with the Seamless Transition Summary. The Load Aim Fire approach summary is a quick 4 page hand out.


Seamless Transition Summary


LAF Approach Summary


LAF Approach Appendix one


LAF Approach Appendix Two


Conference Presenters' Fund

The CPPA has set aside an annual sum to assist principals who have been invited to present at international conferences. Cheap Michael Kors. There are two application deadlines per year, and the full details are explained in the download.


Conference Presenters' Fund


CPPA Fellowship

The CPPA Fellowship - Guidelines for Applicants

To apply for 2014 CPPA Fellowship - click here


Presentations on ERO Process and Self Review

CPPA Presentation


Belfast School - too big to upload - email Phil Harding ( and it will be emailed back...


Woodend School


National Standards


CPPA Position Paper on National Standards


National Standards: A board member's perspective


A parent's perspective


Powerpoint for Parents' Evening


Teacher Training


CPPA Position Paper on Initial Teacher Education - May 2010


CPPA Position on the Vision for the Teaching Profession


Position Paper


Earthquake Stuff


EQC Community Survey


Interim Response Fund - steps for support


EQ Staff Survey 2012-2013


Earthquake Response Team


PP incl renewal plan, staffing, wellbeing response etc


Older topics:



Seminar - Preparing for 2012

On Thursday 25 August a seminar was held to guide preparations for a contraction in Christchurch schools following the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011.

Here are some resources that were shared on the day...


Support Staff Surplus Staffing - Graham Jones, NZEI


Teaching Staff Surplus Staffing - Lance Win, NZEI


Budgeting in Tough Times - Paul McGirr, Ministry of Education


There may be further resources uploaded if we can track down the presentations of Gavin Price (Staffing) and Simon Cruickshank (Property).