Welcome to our new business partner | Civil and Land Construction

We welcome Harry and the team from Civil and Land Construction to our business partner team. Find out about Harry and his commitment to the CPPA below and in the attached video.


I am Harry from Civil and Land Construction. We are very pleased to announce that we recently became a CPPA business partner.

A bit about Civil and Land Construction Ltd.

Civil and Land has been around since 2007 and over the last 15 years or so we have been involved with many projects around schools in Canterbury region.

We have a very strong team with diverse skills, so we can offer a very wide range of services from unblocking drains, drainage replacements, footpaths, demolition, retaining walls, new courts, resurfacing or whatever 😀.

A bit about me.

I started my career as a civil engineer and did my first 12 years post grad in the UK. I gained a lot of experience working on great projects and grew a lot in my communication skills while working with diverse cultures in the construction industry. After moving to New Zealand with my family, I worked for Downer until taking over Civil and Land in 2019. Over the last 23 years I have been involved in many construction projects, so I am confident that we can resolve any existing or new infrastructure needs at any schools.

About the staff.

Our staff has a lot of experience working around schools and understand the H&S implications involved. Our staff has been police vetted many times over the years and they all understand the importance of safety first. We have a great positive culture in the business with key staff exceeding 10 years of service.

I have been and will be personally involved with all enquiries and am committed to popping round within 24hrs after you touching base, so please feel free to call, text or email me on 0277022415 or harry@civilandland.co.nz.


Harry Brand

Managing Director

Civil and Land Construction Ltd